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Kristie Dare
Kristie Dare

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LOCATION: St. Petersburg, FL

BIRTHDATE: 11-2-75


HOMEPAGE: (Cast page)

E-MAIL: (Not checked often)

CAST NAME: Interchangeable Parts & Larger Than Life (annual cast)


PREV. CAST(S): Midnight Crew, Interchangeable Parts, Denton High, Larger Than Life

OTHER: From the moment I saw the statuesque pair of legs climb up on the table to do Lips, I didn't know if I wanted to f*ck it or be it, but I wanted it... that was the coolest thing I had ever seen in my life!

In my opinion, Rocky is family. Sometimes family hurts each other, but you can always come back home.

(Kristie is also co-director of the annual Larger Than Life cast that brings in an audience of about 1,400 people!)

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