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NAME: My name is Linda... aka AbbyNorMal. teeheee! AMAZING THO! I started a new job last month and one of the ladies in the office.. NOT KNOWING about my love of Rocky.. or really anything about it told me one day that i was named wrong. that my name should be TRIXIE! I ALMOST WET MYSELF! LOL

LOCATION: the far Northeast of Philadelphia, PA

BIRTHDATE: I am proud to say that my birthdate is: 5/26/60!

OCCUPATION: I am a medical filer


CAST NAME: TNP - Transylvanian Nipple Production!

TRIXIE EXPERIENCE: My first performance was with Transexual MIsfits out of Elkton, MD Dec 1999. I became one of 3 Trixies for that cast! I joined TNP later the next year and am their TRIXIE!!

PREV. CAST(S): Transexual Misfits, Elkton, MD, Sins of the Flesh, Allentown, PA, Formal Dress Optional, Newark, DE

OTHER: I love Trixie because you can be who you want to be! ::shaking head:: I have a closet full of Trixie costumes! I like them to be different! And would NEVER show even the cast directors what i would be wearing that nite till i stripped on stage!

(Added to site on 1/22/04)