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Submit your pictures!

Submit pictures of you playing the role of Trixie!

The site is to display pictures of people in Trixie "costume". While there is no specific costume for Trixie, you should be wearing something that looks Trixie-ish (lingerie, usherette outfit, a nice dress, guy with special makeup, etc). I can post up to about 7 pictures of per person and I would need you to send me your answers to the questions below. E-mail, mail or tell me the exact URL (web address) the pictures are posted to. If you need to mail them, e-mail me and I'll send you my address. Please include return postage if you want the pictures returned. I reserve the right to edit or "fix" pictures and text for clarity, size and/or relevance and I will crop any other people out of the picture so that only the featured person is pictured, if possible. I will also honor specific requests to leave certain pictures unaltered. My e-mail address is

If you're submitting pictures and information n behalf of someone else, be sure to get that person's permission first!

Also, please answer a few questions:

#1 - Name of the Trixie
(Give your name as you want it on your page. Also, name anyone else in the pictures and make sure you have their permission to put them on the internet.)

#2 - City/State/Country the Trixie lives in
(Not necessarily the city/state of your cast)

#3 - Birthdate (optional)
(If you don't want to list the year, you can always just list the month and date)

#4 - Occupation
(You don't have to be specific - i.e. costruction, banker, computers)

#5 - Homepage URL (optional)
(If you don't have one, you can list your page on your cast's website)

#6 - E-mail address
(Will be listed on your page)

#7 - Cast name and web address
(If more than one, list all casts that you regularly perform for)

#8 - Date you started playing Trixie
(If this is not your regular role, say how often you play Trixie or why you played her that one time)

#9 - any previous cast(s)

#10 - Other
(Trixie related; like why you love Trixie, costume contest wins, convention performances, costume stories, first performance stories, favorite Trixie memory, etc)

Feel free to forward this information to any Trixie(s) you know that might have some pictures to contribute (especially if they don't have computer access)! The more the merrier!

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