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This site honors all those who perform as Trixie from Rocky Horror whether as a member of a cast or just for fun. Trixie is an optional character (not in the movie) who almost always performs a dance (or strip tease) to the opening song of the movie, "Science Fiction Double Feature." She has the title of Usherette, but it is important to note that there are really no set guidelines as to how Trixies should look or what they should do. For more information on Trixie, please click here.

Anyone with pictures of themselves as Trixie is welcome to submit them to this site! Click here for more information.

Patricia Quinn as the original Trixie
Patricia Quinn as Trixie
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Anal-Retentive Costume List

Barbara from MD
Sheri from DE
Asia from AZ
Kristie from FL
Christina from CA
Ashley from WI
Patti from NY
Linda from PA
Coey from WI

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