Sheri Rosensweig

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(with Lori)

BIRTHDATE: 12/6/73



CAST NAME: I'm a member of 3 casts: Transexual Misfits, The Castle Transylvanians and Transylvanian Nipple Productions

TRIXIE EXPERIENCE: I started playing Trixie in 1999. My best friend Lori had always done it because she was usually playing Magenta and had the time to switch from costume to costume. I was almost always playing Janet and didn't have time to change. When we started to rotate parts, I found myself with time to do Trixie. I was a little nervous at first about it, I don't know why since I'd been playing for 4 years already. I think it was just being out there by yourself for over 5 minutes, which doesn't seem long, but it is when you are entertaining the audience. Lori started letting me do it with her, and I loved it! So, Lori and I started switching off as Trixie according to who had more time to change, and when we could, we would still do it together.

PREV. CAST(S): The Delaware Cast and Sincere Lust

OTHER: I miss doing Trixie a lot. I don't get to do it as much anymore because the cast I am with now uses actual stuffed lips to do SFDF. I do get the chance to do it in Philadelphia when playing up there.